saturday: song

August 17, 2013

i don't think i tell brian enough, but he truly is my best friend.
last night we went to sleep early (8:30pm early!!!) then at about 1:00am he was wide awake + woke me up (he claims on accident), but i am happy he did. we stayed up all night just talking, telling stories of our childhood (some old, some new). we laughed all night. we had not done this in a long time. it was so refreshing to have a night where it was just us listening to each others silliness in the dark.

i would do anything for this man. he is my everything. he gave me my everything else.
he supports every crazy idea i come up with and is always 100% on board.
i love you, you are my best.


  1. Awe this is so cute!!! Love this post!

    Just found your blog and I am now following!! Looking forward to keeping up and reading more posts!!

    1. thank you so much Christina. It is always so nice to have new followers. i will be checking out your blog as well!