liebster award

August 24, 2012

my sweet sweet sponsor cait from linen & leaves has passed along the liebster award to me + I'm thrilled! she is seriously the sweetest + if you are not following her you need to be!

i tell you eleven things about me:
-i used to draw everyday
-as much as i love spending the day with my son, i so love when he goes to bed + its just me + b
-i just cut 8 inches off my hair
-i am slowly trying to eat fish, i love sushi, but cooked fish gives me the heebie geebies
-i am so excited to start planning our girls reunion trip
-we are about to start potty training nathan + i am so nervous about it
-i love my skinny vanilla latte every morning
-i can't wait for school to start, in-service starts monday
-i am happiest when i am at a concert with my love
-i have a weakness for the tv show big brother
-i hope to do great things for my son + fear often that i won't

i answer the questions from cait:
1. what is your all time favorite t.v. show?  friends...hands down {i have watched the box sets at least 200 times + memorized every line...don't watch with me, i laugh before the punch line}
2. what is you're dream job? freelance artist/graphic designer not that i am doing anything to get to that, it just would be an amazing job to have, creating daily!
3. what station is on your pandora right now? the lumineers w/ varieties of the avett brothers + alabama shakes
4. what was the last book you read? be honest. Freight Train to nathan this morning, currently reading The Fault in our Stars for my new book club + loving it.
5. what three things about yourself do you want to improve? my patience, my ability to procrastinate {stop it completely}, + create more
6. what are you looking forward to right now? date night tonight
7. cat or dog? dog, right now we have neither, but we really want a dog {although i like both really}
8. name a blog you admire. hank & hunt
9. last movie you saw in theaters. Ted
10. what celebrity would you want to be best friends with? zooey deschanel + ryan gosling {if its okay to make out with your best friend}
11. if you could have someone else's closet. who's would it be? my pinterest dress up closet

i create eleven new questions:
1. what is the best concert you've ever been to?
2. if you could live anywhere, where would it be?
3. what is your favorite non-blog website?
4. favorite blog to read daily?
5. last place you traveled to?
6. if you had $5,000 to spend on you only. how would you spend it?
7. favorite place to shop for home decor?
8. what are your current goals?
9. three things you absolutely love about your life?
10. favorite movie of all time?
11. why is your best friend, your best friend?

then i pass it on: my nominees:
jeni @ two shades of lovely

brittany @ birds, buttons, + bs

jennifer @ grits + moxie

samara @ the wanderings of miss dane


  1. haha aw thanks hon! loved reading through your answers! you're adorable x

  2. I LOOOVE Friends! It's just best, I just want to jump in the tv set to live with them. And you've started the book? Ah so glad that you're liking it! I can't wait to get mine!

    1. my sister used to laugh at me, saying i should write a book called "life according to friends" bc i used to reference their "lives" in my everyday life. yes just started the book yesterday only about 50 pages in, but it's definitely a page turner!

  3. Hilda Ramirez14/9/12 7:49 PM

    Love the new cut.........super FAB!

  4. I'm a new reader, but I just wanted to say that I squealed with excitement at your Pandora station selection. My love for The Avett Brothers is undying and I absolutely love The Lumineers' record. Alabama Shakes is also quickly becoming a favorite, too. :)