July 7, 2014

we're engaged! we are beyond thrilled to share this amazing news!
back in march (geez its been a while since i have written) we went on a spring break trip to colorado + brian popped the question on the first night.

here's how it went down:

 nate woke up sick + throwing up, we decided we should go on our trip anyway, the last time nate got sick he was over it within a day. we traveled (just the 3 of us) all day to get to crested butte. our second flight was delayed so we didn't get in until about 11pm that night.

my happy place

driving up to crested butte from the airport in gunni. i began to cry, maybe i was exhausted, but i really think its because crested butte is my happy place. being there under a blanket of stars, snow shimmering from the headlights...i was home + i was happy. once we got to the house we got nathan cleaned up + in bed quickly. when i came downstairs brian had made a couple drinks for us + said we should celebrate being there on vacation. mama needed a drink so i had no suspicions or hesitations about what might be coming next. we decided to go outside on the deck so i could show brian the view (his first time to our house in colorado). i was looking up at the stars + then turned back to see brian down on one knee (in the snow might i add) with his mother's ring in hand. i honestly can't remember everything that was said, except for YES!

brian did an incredible job redesigning his mom's ring

it was the best proposal i could have ever asked for, that whole week i was a smiley, giddy, little girl. i am so grateful to be able to marry my best friend. i cannot wait to celebrate this love + spend the rest of our lives together as a family.

i love my family + can't wait to be a fink!

let the wedding planning begin...

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