real moms: a series

August 19, 2013

        one // Any and everything by the food manufacturer Annie’s. Whether it’s legit or not (ha), I love that you can get fruit snacks, cheddar bunnies, cookies, trail mix, snack mix, the list goes on and on, while feeling like you’re being somewhat healthy. Maybe I’m a sucker for the word organic, BUT, they’re all easy things to throw in a bag when you’re running out the door, and know you’ll need some “nacks”.

   two // Munchkin Click Lock 9-oz cups. No joke, they’re some of the cheapest cups I buy for Georgie, you can get them at the grocery store and they’re the ONLY ones I’ve found that truly don’t leak (I mean, unless they’re upside down). Not to mention, they have Dora specific ones, so G just hearts them.

three // Our $20 garage sale wagon. Georgie is kind of over the stroller right now, so the wagon is the PERFECT vehicle to either just take her on a walk around the block, or for places like the arboretum or zoo. It totes her around, AND all of our stuff, which is great (maybe not so great for David, he’s typically the one dragging it around).

 four // Old Navy clothes. I just don’t feel like there’s anything out there that’s as cute, for a similar (and relatively low) price. You place an order online and have it in two-three days. It’s the bomb.

 five // For moms? I don’t Ha. Honestly though, Amazon. For anything and everything. Whether you sign up for Amazon Mom, and have diapers shipped to your house on a monthly basis (and thus never have to worry about running out, everyone knows that is THE pits, realizing you have no more diapers in a time of need), or just need a pair of shoes (for you or your munchkin). It’s incredibly user friendly, you can find anything and typically for a lower price than you can elsewhere, and then it shows up at your front door. What could be better than that?



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