notes on nathan

August 14, 2013

can i please take back everything i said in my last notes on nathan
lately he has been the sweetest + most easy going boy in the world. so basically the opposite of what had been going on around here. 
maybe it was the fresh colorado air, our new approach in parenting, or being back at school for a week of camp. whatever it was that made him change, i am forever grateful. 
now our days contain lots of kisses, i love you's, + thank you's.
 no i am not bragging that my son is all of a sudden perfect. we still have moments of "im not gonna do that"s, melt downs (on both of our parts), + time outs, but they are minimal. please, parents be honest, what three year old doesn't act out? 
if you are sitting there reading this and saying "hmm, mine doesn't" then you know what. i do not believe you. 

i am just happy to have my sweetheart back. we are really able to enjoy our last days of summer together to the fullest.
the thank you's have gotten a little excessive, "thank you for putting my stroller in the car, thank you for changing the channel for me, thank you for brushing my teeth, thank you for the hug, thank you for making daddy dinner..." I should not be complaining though AT ALL.

i was talking to a good friend the other day about our boys growing up. her boy is 16 months + at the stage of when you blink your eyes too long everything changes. he is looking so much older, talking so much more, running so much faster, + learning so much, so quickly! not being his mom, i absolutely love watching all of this take shape, but it just reminds me how bittersweet that age is for a mom. she said it perfectly, "you can't wait to see what is next, but you don't want him to grow up." i feel like this statement holds true at every age. nate is three now (THREE, still so crazy to me) + growing up at a rapid pace. i am so excited for him to start handwriting in school this year, over joyed to cheer him on in soccer + i love to watch him learn new things, but i can feel his independence starting to take over. i really am so happy to watch him become his own person, but i miss him needing me for everything. yes, it is nice to be able to sit for more than 10 minutes without interruptions of "i need this, can you get me this, etc.," but he literally has to do everything for himself now. i miss him needing me. i miss the constant snuggles.

who knows maybe this next stage will be the best stage, just like all the other ages have been my favorite. we do have a lot of exciting things happening for him this year after all. i am learning to embrace all these wonderful things he gets to do now, that he couldn't participate in when he was younger.


  1. I'm glad it's getting easier around home. :) sounds like camp/school and a more regular routine might have helped.... plus y'all had the vacation and got away from everything for a bit. that always helps, too. :)

    I enjoy reading your posts about Nate. 3 really is a good age. They're little and stubborn and beautiful and mean and sweet and tender all at once. I liked that you were completely honest and laid your heart on the line a few weeks ago... but not negative. Just honest. And when it got better, you shared that good stuff, too. I'm going thru blogs this morning weeding out the negative ones. Yours is on my *keep reading* list. :)

    1. oh! and the picture of him in the chef hat, head down?

      Frame that one. Big. It's amazing. :)

    2. thank you so much for your sweet words. it means a lot to hear i am doing a good job + reaching out to someone at least. i am so happy that post was not too negative. i am trying to be completely honest on this blog. thats the point of it after all, right? you said it perfectly. three year olds are stubborn + beautiful. we are on an up right now so i am very happy!

      thank you for the compliment on my photography. i love to capture those moment when they think no one is looking.