the best museum

August 20, 2013
while we were in crested butte, co this summer one of the best things to do was walk down to the base from the house + take on "adventure park". there is no skiing in the summer (obviously) but that does not mean the mountain area goes to waste. in the summers the wonderful staff of ski cb set up a rocking climbing wall, mini golf, trampolines, zip lines through the trees, a new playground, + hiking. another permanent fixture of the base area is the trailhead children's museum + it is pretty remarkable. with such a small space + working with donations only it took a lot of creative power to come up with such a picture perfect space. we spent a total of five hours in this two room museum. nathan could have spent the whole day, every day there. we cannot wait to go back in the spring!

next summer we will make sure to sign nathan up for some camps at the trailhead museum

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