Real Moms: A Series

June 24, 2013

i really hope that everyone enjoyed the first installment of "Real Moms: A Series" with my dear friend laura.  today i am sharing the second part of what i asked these moms to do for this series. i am asking each mom to share five products (could be toys, technology, safety products, equipment. etc.)  they couldn't do without as moms.

i just love him so adorable is beni?

here are laura + beni's favorites:

clockwise from the far left: one // Organic Veggie Pouches: They are stage two baby food, but they are perfect for on-the-go and healthy! Beni loves them. two // Cutter All Family Mosquito Wipes: West Nile is no joke here in Texas and the spray stuff is too much for little ones. three // Destin Extra Strength: With all of the new foods that Beni is being introduced to, diaper rash is common. This stuff takes care of that! four // Pandora: It saves me from having to use my precious iPod memory on kids tunes. I crank it up in car rides when Beni gets a little restless. five // North States Superyard Baby Gates: Keeps Beni away from the chimney and entertainment center. 

this big smile gets me every time

thank you again laura for being the little things first "Real Mom" in our new series. i am so happy to have you as a wonderful mommy friend to share new products with, have playdates together, + vent  to when i'm having a stressful day. 
i love that we are able to be a part of each other's families + not just watch, but help each other's kids grow up. 
we love you yaya!

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