calling all superheros

June 25, 2013

my favorite from the day, photo booth fun

the inspiration was nathan. he told us he wanted a superhero party, so that's what we did. we asked him which superhero specifically + he said, "SUPER NATE!" with enthusiasm!  this helped us to decide that we would highlight each kiddo's inner superhero.

the invitations

favor bags/ gift table + superhero entrance

my mom made a sign like this every carrying on this tradition

decorations were simple + easy. a blue + red color palette + the kids' capes highlighting the backyard party with bright, vibrant colors. everything was handmade, from the invitations + decorations to the photo booth + capes. 

each kiddo got a personalized cape

mask making station

yummy + healthy snacks

we made sure to have the party at 1pm so that we didn't have to feed everyone a true meal, we just offered a few yummy snacks + drinks 

nathan gearing up for his party

handmade photo booth props

nate + daddy having fun in the photo booth

superheros taking over the backyard

the lab's truck backing in was almost as exciting as what was inside

to entertain these superheros we hired, the lab @ lakewood/ play dallaseveryone (parents included) really seemed to enjoy building + creating with the oversized blocks. the lab @ lakewood is definitely one of our favorite local companies! (might have to talk to Melissa about doing a feature soon) 

nathan building away

it was a great day for everyone!

a special thank you to my sister + bryant for coming in town. my parents were out of town (in italy), so having my sister around to help was amazing! she took nathan that morning for a special birthday lunch, which gave brian + i time to set up + get ready, uninterrupted. thank you also to all of our friends who came to celebrate + stayed late to clean up + open presents together. we love you all!

tired + hot faces at the party

cookie time with the birthday boy

nathan is not a fan of cake, so cookies is the way we go for birthday parties. i called upon mama jud's cookies. she is the mom of an old friend/ co-worker + makes the most unbelievable cookies. they not only look exactly how i imagined, but they taste wonderful! if you are in the area + need decorative themed cookies, call mama jud.

it is so hard to believe you are already a three-year-old. we love watching you grow + watching your personality take shape. you are a very sweet boy. cautious in everything you do. you tell amazing, imaginative stories + are the funniest kid we know. you truly are our best friend. we love you big boy. we are so proud of who you are. always + forever, mommy + daddy


  1. Amanda, you did an awesome job!!! The party looks amazing!! Sorry I missed it! Nathan is a very lucky little boy! :)

  2. This made me cry. Gosh, y'all are cute parents. My boys are just turning 9 and 12, and I'd forgotten how fun and sweet they were at Nathan's age. Enjoy it, friend!

  3. Wow, what an awesome idea! That party looks great! Love that everyone got to wear a cape!



  4. thank you so much to everyone! i had so much fun planning and setting up his birthday party. maybe more fun than all the kids had at the party. it was a wonderful day! Melissa. i will make sure to enjoy this age!