our life lately

August 16, 2012
nathan + i have been sick, so our cure all is lounging in pjs, reading lots of books, + cartoons

a birthday party for a friend + cheesy smiles from the little

testing out my photo skills while coloring with nate

another sick cure all...dino matching game + my favorite picture from the circus last week

a pile of colors + lunch with the essentials

being silly before the sickies really started

my sweet little + bath time to get that fever down, looking so tall in the tub too.

our week has been pretty lame. lots of sickness + little outings.

tomorrow we are going to austin for a wedding + a very special birthday. 
our niece is turning two! now all the "baby" cousins are officially two!


  1. oh, your baby is precious! i mean it. i love his face.

    i'm so happy to follow you now! xx

    1. thank you for your sweet note, i think he's pretty precious myself.

  2. Sweet photos, I do hope you and your little feel better soon.
    I've added myself to your followers and have also joined the bookclub, found you on Amy's blog.
    Looking forward to some serious reading :)