beat the heat

June 20, 2013
it doesn't seem to matter where you are from, there are going to be days this summer that are unbearably hot. those days are constant and already starting here in texas. [it's this time in june that i start to really worry about the august heat] 

today i wanted to share some fun outdoor kid's activities that help beat the heat .

clockwise from top left: one // freeze their favorite small toys. your littles will have to work on ways to melt the ice (hopefully before the sun does) to get to the toys. you could even get new trinkets + toys that all fit to one theme + do a new theme each week or month. two // water balloon learning fun! get a bucket of water balloons + write the alphabet or sight words on the driveway with chalk. have your kiddo try to hit the requested letter or word. learning + having fun can't beat it! this will most likely end in a water balloon fight, a nice cool off. three // a kid car wash. i am sure you have all seen this, but have you built one yet. they are very easy + can stay up all summer long. we like to paint nathan's "cars" with watered down tempra paint then go through the car wash. four // make your own frozen chalk paint. messy, icy, fun. five // need a car wash? have your kiddos help. i would let them be in charge bc then you might get a wheel cleaned, but what a fun way to get wet + clean. six // water beads are an absolute favorite at our house. they are made for flower arrangements, but make the best sensory activity.
images via one, two, three, four, five, six

how do you stay cool on these long, hot, summer days?


  1. so cute! love this post. we get well over 100 every day so this is great!
    thanks girl:)

    1. thanks so much. the summers are unbearable here in texas.

  2. Amazing ideas! Love the water balloons with word and letter association! Great idea. And freezing the toys! How funny!

    Glad I saw your link-up on The Wiegands blog!


    1. so happy you hopped on over here. love The Wiegands + casey. the water balloon game has quickly become our favorite.