local favorite: KXT Summer Cut

June 4, 2013

if you live in dallas, then i am sure you have heard of the radio station KXT.  
if you live in dallas + haven't heard this station, turn your dial push your button, tune into 91.7, + turn it up!

laura + me sitting in the lawn

KXT is a public broadcasting station.  It has been broadcasting since november 2009 + has a triple-a (adult album alternative) music format.
 they play a lot of local + fresh new artists. a mix of acoustic, indie rock, folk rock, and alternative.

laura + her husband gabe

every year they put on a big concert called Summer Cut featuring artists that they play on the station.
this year we had the wonderful pleasure of going + it was maybe one of the best nights ive had in a really long time! we had a blast!

b + me when we first arrived

there is something about an outdoor all day concert that makes you feel young again. maybe it just makes me feel young again because i hadn't been to an all day festival since i was 21 + because i was childless for a whole day + night.

we danced in the rain, while drinking good beer, laughing with friends, + listening to amazing music.

a special thank you to my sister for getting us seats for my birthday! i love you al. 

KXT has another concert series called Barefoot at the Belmont. I haven't been but hope to catch one this summer.  if you are going to any concerts this summer. tell me! i would love to hear about it!

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