the weekend

August 19, 2012

on friday i was so excited about our weekend ahead, but  
instead of austin we ended up staying home, our poor little was still really sick. 

brian left friday to go to austin + i was going to keep an eye on nathan to see how he was doing in the morning + try to go then. well friday night nate's fever spiked up to 104 + i was so sweetly woken up with throw up on my chest. wonderful

nathan has never been one to throw up, but i was pretty impressed with how well i handled it, i wasn't grossed out just got him in the tub, changed the sheets + got us back to bed. 

brian came home immediately the next morning. 

sadly we had to miss the wedding + sweet hanna's birthday. hopefully they will be able to forgive us.
nathan is doing a little better. he only gets high fever when he's sleeping. 
i'm going to take him back to the doctor tomorrow, i get so paranoid with west nile. i doubt that is it, but you never know.

sunday all i did was try my hardest to play catch up. i have neglected my ever growing to-do lists for a week, while we were sick {okay I've been avoiding the to-do list for a while now}

time to get organized for school! i only have one week until i am back for in-service week! EEEK! 
i am oh so excited to get back! back to a classroom full of kiddos, back to coming up with fun lesson plans, + mainly, back to a normal routine. 


  1. Of course we forgive you! Nate is first priority when it comes to stuff like that. I am sorry he still isnt feeling well, but you are a great mommy for taking such good care of him through all of that! Let us know how he is doing when you get a chance. Love yall! We will all get together again soon. I am thinking Hill Country cabin weekend or something when it gets a little cooler! Or I am going to be in Dallas with the girls in October. :-) Ill get to see yall and the new house.

    1. oh my gosh a cabin in the hill country sound perfect! I've been wanting to really camp, but am too scared to take nathan yet. so that is the next best thing! We can't wait to see you in october + I'm so happy that we will be in the house by ready to move! when will you be here in october?

  2. So exited to have you in the book club! Poor little buddy, I hope he starts feeling better soon! Fevers freak me out!!!

    1. i know fevers happen often, but it really scares me when his body is just on fire + he is so scared. luckily he is feeling better! so happy for book club! can't wait to get started on a great book