notes on nathan

June 3, 2013

while i looked through photos i've taken of nathan lately, i must admit there were tears in my eyes. 

it is a very bittersweet thing to watch your child grow. 
it is not that i don't want him to grow and become the person he is destined to be, its that i love every moment and can feel those moments passing by at a rapid pace. 

i write to nathan with hopes that he will read this one day.
i hope he can look at these memories if he is ever doubting himself or angry at us and realize how amazing he truly is. 

nathan is three.
he is the silliest boy i know.
i love his easy going philosophy.
he loves big.
he is obsessed with daddy + everything he is into.
he could spend all day in the sun. 
his heart is unbelievable + makes him who he is. 
i love the way he smiles at me.
i love who he is.

we are so proud of who you are.
we love you fiercely.


  1. He sure is cute! You are blessed!

  2. aww sweet boy. it's amazing how much these little men capture our hearts as mums.

    just found your blog via caseyleigh. keep up your great work as a mama!


  3. This is so sweet and he is so adorable! Anytime I look at pictures of my boys from when they are little and look at them now tears form in my eyes. Life truly goes too fast. Stopping by from the on my heart linkup!