father's day gift guide:

June 6, 2013

i am pretty sure has been officially stated by ALL women, that men are the hardest people to shop for. 
it's very rare for brian to pick up a catalog, circle the things he wants, + strategically place it somewhere he knows i will see it.  when i say very rare i mean he never does this, that would be too easy.  he also never takes me to the mall just to show me some things he likes. i am glad he doesn't do these things, except when its time to get him gi

so now you are supposed to think back to that one time he mentioned maybe wanting that shirt or that he really liked the beer at that one place, or what book he was glancing at, while you were shopping around target...impossible! 

i have compiled a little list of things i know brian would love  maybe like. 

in general most guys love drinking, golf, grilling, sports, + drinking. 
is that stereotypical of me?
 thats like saying all women like shopping, gossip, drinking, + shopping. 
maybe im not that far off. 

one// barbeque sauce pack from dean&deluca two// a nifty little robot wine opening (fun for kids and dads. ha) from fred and friends three// a gift card for a round or two of golf from fairway rewards four// a book on how to taste beer and all the different kinds of beers from barnes and noble five// you can make your own blend of whiskey from whiskey blender + they even have gift cards available six// for every beer lover, a kit to make their own beer from williams-sonoma

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