our new home {completed}

August 1, 2012
what a day i finally cleaned every nook and cranny. 
i organized every stack of stuff in our apartment {you know those organized messes}

this all had to happen to get my mind ready for the school year, moving, + into decorating mode.

i am going to tell you the story of our house again. we are temporarily living in an apartment {moving september 27th} while my dad + i have been remodeling a house he bought. {my dad is flipping houses in his retired life + oh so good at it!}  
we will be the lucky ones who get to rent out this beautiful home!  {i will mention again how amazing my parents are + how extremely thankful we are to be living there}

if you are from dallas, this house is in the neighborhood of lakewood. where i grew up + have so desperately been wanting to get back to!

so this is our beautiful home! i am so excited and counting down the days until we move in {although there is a lot to do in the mean time}

any tips on decorating + furnishing on a budget? i would really love the help.

i will be keeping you in on all the fun stuff {moving + decorating ideas}

now onto my much deserved {at home} date night!


  1. Love this!! My sister Maddie is really great about decorating on a budget. You can find her ideas here: www.thriftary.com BEAUTIFUL home!!

  2. thank you so much for the suggestion! heading over to her site now. we are definitely excited about it!

  3. Beautiful!!! ~ Alma

  4. What a gorgeous house! I've only been to Dallas once but I have friends that live there that love it!