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June 13, 2013

two weeks ago we decided to get nathan a fish for his birthday. he has been constantly begging us for a dog. (not gonna happen in our little, two bedroom house) we figured maybe a fish will teach him some responsibility + get his mind off the puppy begging. 

we didn't tell him until we got to the pet store. he was ecstatic when he found out! we picked out a beta fish. *interesting fact* brian + my first pet pre-nathan was a beta fish that remarkably lasted over a year. 
we hope to keep this one alive that long. fingers crossed.

nathan is in love. we let him name the little guy + he chose.....JUMP FISH! we don't know where it came from, but he was sure that's what he should be called. needless to say he won't be in charge of naming our dog when we do get one. it would probably be "run dog." 

he talks to jump fish every day. telling him what hes gonna do that day + "plays" with him (plays in front of him). we had one incident where i accidentally left his food out + nathan decided he was really hungry that day. we had a big talk about how he doesn't need to eat as much as we do + could get sick if he does eat too much.

exciting news saturday. stay tuned!

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