a letter to my dad

June 14, 2013

dear dad,
thank you so much for everything you have done for my family and our family. you lived in a foreign country alone + traveled almost every day for years to make sure we had everything we wanted + needed. even with all your sacrifices you've always been there to support us + for that we love you. 
i love that through everything, i can come to you with problems + complaints. you are always listening + understanding. not only that, but you always help give a resolution or thoughtful reasoning. 
you are a great man. i aspire to be a portion of who you are. i love that no matter what venture i head down, be it art, teaching or this blog, you are always supportive. (you might have been my only reader for a long time.) 
      you are the best father + an unbelievable "pops" to my son. for that i am forever grateful. 

                            we love you. happy father's day.
                                       xx amanda

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