homemade: cherry popsicles

June 11, 2013

looking for an easy "beat the heat" project at home?
follow this super simple recipe and be enjoying popsicles all summer long!

we have been experimenting with popsicle ideas since easter (that's when the easter bunny brought our popsicle molds). we have made some absolutely delicious desserts + some throw it in the sink immediately popsicles. don't worry this is not one of those.

if you are a fan of cherries, like we are then you will love this recipe!
i even threw together a cherry lemonade popsicle in this batch. 
it was pretty darn good as well. 

popsicles to be enjoyed on the back porch in the texas heat!

cherry popsicles: by the little things blog
1/3 c cherries (sliced or chopped without the pit)
1 c vanilla yogurt (option: greek yogurt)
2 tbls honey

blend the cherries until pureed to your liking. 

add yogurt + honey and blend some more until smooth.

pour into popsicle molds + freeze. 

seriously that's it. it's that simple!

to make the cherry-lemonade popsicle all i did was pour in lemonade instead of yogurt + blended together to mix well. it helped clean my blender and was definitely my favorite of the batch! 

it's even more fun to eat a popsicle with this little guy. come over + try it sometime!

here is a large list of recipes we are going to try over the summer:

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