saturday: song of the day

August 4, 2012

{i sat down last night and made a plan for the blog + saturday will be song of the day}

while wishing i was at lollapalooza with friends right now listening to this live. this will have to do. alabama shakes on repeat.

  Hold On by Alabama Shakes on Grooveshark


thank goodness i am not at lolla right now, it just got evacuated because of the huge storms coming through chicago, i would definitely be a not so happy festival goer. i wonder how they will make it up to everyone who paid or if they even will. what a bummer.


  1. i'm sorry about the evacuation...gosh - i had to when i lived in new orleans and it was terrible...thinking of you darling!

  2. oh you are too sweet, but i fortunately am not there right now. and i think they only had to evacuate the festival not all of chicago. nothing compared to new orleans.