monday: something

August 6, 2012
continuing with my new schedule i came up with over the weekend. i am trying to get more organized with all aspects of my life. {including the blog...i like it more than working out, i do have to say} monday will be "monday: something." it will either be an update on our weekend, a look at the week ahead, a look i'm loving, DIY, or a fun product. + today it is a product line. 

i have been trying to find a new skin care line. you know facial cleanser, toner, night/ day cream, lip balm, the occasional mask + exfoliant. i bought some over the weekend at target + i am not pleased. i just found this set by sprout skincare, while scouring the web + catching up on my blogs.

i am not convinced by any means that this is the route to go, but how great is this packaging?

i must admit i am definitely a sucker for great a great label. i tend to "judge a book by its cover." just think how great these would look lined up on my brand-new bathroom counter!  

tell me, what skin care products do you swear by? good looking packaging or not...i just want good!


  1. that packaging IS really tempting. im a huge fan of origins... i think their stuff is affordable and really wonderful!

  2. thank you allie! i always do love to walk by and smell! i will have to actually go in and check out some of their products!