classroom wish list

August 2, 2012

{one + two} i would love to have these games, memory for my two year olds - these look like they would actually hold up for more then a year + opposites perfect for my older class {three} i will definitely try to pick up two of these, kid made modern, sets of blocks for a first day activity. a class decorated block set for the year, i think so! {four} these art caddies would be adorable. i'm thinking a fun little DIY. {five + six} love these storage ideas. if i had the miniature shelf i would have kiddos bring in a small object from home pertaining to the letter of week or theme. {seven + eight} more books to add to my class library. {nine + ten} love these desk organizers, i would get the mint green or lime. how great are these bright, connectable, blocks...amazing! {eleven + twelve} numbered storage bins, so many ideas to use these for teaching numbers to little ones. i will be on the look out for milk crates to spray paint. so many uses for these throughout the room.

if only i had the budget for all of these wonderful little things...thats why they call it a wish list. 
oh well, the ones i can do myself, i will be attempting. 
wish me luck! 

now where to find multiple milk crates?


  1. Just stumbled across your blog.. Don't you wish you had unlimited funds for your classroom? Because there are SOOO many things on my wishlist that I wish I could afford! :(

    If you REALLY want/need stuff, I know coworkers that have used and various sites like that to get stuff funded!

  2. thats a great idea, although this is just a wanted list i would feel bad taking away from someone who really NEEDS things for their classroom. but i might check it out for future use. thank you!

  3. Visiting from Casey's "what is on your heart" :) Following you!