mother bleep

July 10, 2014

i don't know if you are active on instagram. or if you follow some of these pretty amazing mamas. [@helloamerikaw, @woolful, @heyitscissy, @julsgarces, @tissespieces, + @courtneybabyccino] but there is a lot of craziness happening in the world of instagram and their censorship issues.

as i look over my instagram feed i can look back on some pretty amazing memories. the time nathan wouldn't wear a shirt for a month. the time he splashed daddy from the bath for the first time. the time he stripped down to his bare bottom in public. and his recent love of shaking such booty.

the photos i have posted are photos of beautiful memories that would all be deemed inappropriate on instagram, especially if nathan were a girl. all the accounts mentioned above have been affected by instagram censorship.  courtney's [of @courtneybaccino] account was shut down and all her photos taken away because she posted a photo of her daughters adorably round belly. people are fighting to get these accounts back + i plan to join them. 

i believe that it is a mother's right to share beautiful pictures of her children. wether it be a shirtless child, a baby's tooshy, or a breastfeeding mother. that should always be our right. whatever is happening is wrong. if no one speaks, nothing will change.

if you would like to help me in fighting these ludicrous censorship rules then please first go sign this petition. then go to and hear some stories as well as tell your own. 


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