a day together

July 25, 2014

after working so hard this entire summer (more to come on my next project soon!), i decided to take a day for myself. a lot of mama's would choose a spa day or a day just to be doing something alone. trust me i crave those days too, but this time i wanted something different. i chose to pull nate out of summer school/camp for the day + take him to the perot museum. we met up with some friends we'd been missing all summer. while he's been having fun at school with friends + i have been able to get a lot of work done without him at home, i've been having working mom guilt. this was the perfect excuse to spend the day together without worrying about who i needed to call, what emails i needed to respond to, + my ever growing to do list. here is a little peek into our day together. sadly i didn't actually get a picture of the two of us, but i will always have the memories of that giggle filled day of discovery.

rockets were a huge success, our friend noah had to help launch.
nate just could not get that jump right. 

nathan's car he built beat the daily record + kept getting faster (final time 1.83).
we tried hard for the all time record, but it was a no go.

i am one lucky mama to be able to spend the day with this one. 

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