super bowl coloring pages

January 27, 2014
hello long lost friends.

i have a lot of fun posts planned out that will be coming up soon! 
until then i am planning the annual super bowl party. i just created some logo coloring pages and thought i would share those with you.

i absolutely love to host a party + the super bowl is our families annual party.

the older we get the more kids that are involved each year. this year i am going to have a coloring table in the playroom with these sheets.

i will set up some sort of "pin the football in the field goal" + we will have a separate snack table for the kiddos. i will also have bags set up in the back yard for the adults and kids alike. hopefully its a warm sunday and not freezing, you never know in texas. 

i am personally rooting for the broncos, maybe its just a love of colorado.

who are you going to be cheering on?

wow i have missed yall and my sweet blog. we will chat again real soon. 

follow these links to get my coloring sheets for your super bowl watching party.

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