real moms: a series

July 15, 2013

it only seemed approipriate to feature ashley after laura in this series. laura introduced me to ashley a few years ago, but it wasn't until recently that we became friends. she is a new friend + i couldn't be more pleased to have her + brit in our life. 
ashley is a fashionable, hard working, sweet, single mama to briton. i truly look up to her ability to balance it all so flawlessly. she has a level head on her shoulders + has always been so sweet  to everyone around her. 

[check out my first installment of Real Moms: A Series to get a background of what we are doing here] 

name(s) + age of kid(s):
Briton (Brit) + 3 years old

Arlington, Tx

where are some of your favorite places to go with you little one?
The park hands down is our favorite place. Brit loves playing on the playground and watching all the other kids; and it't free! It's our Saturday morning routine. We go first thing in the morning and always stop on our way home for a Rainbow Popsicle; it's our little weekend ritual. We recently discovered a park that has a covered playground and a splash park. Best place ever for the summertime!

what is something inspiring or funny that your mother taught you about being a mother?
To relax and let him get dirty! I love styling and dressing him up in cool outfits. I have so much fun with it! When he started to become more active I would fret if he got a little speck of dirt on his shirt. She has really taught me to relax about that part, and I just need to let him have fun. Clothes can be washed, and if not, who cares!

what is something you hope your child gets from you?
I was always taught to be polite, to always say "please", "thank you" and "excuse me". I can already see that in Brit now. People tell me all the time how polite he is, and I take pride in that. I think he really get it, and he says those words so cute!

what is something you hope they don't get from you?
My stubbornness. When that boy sets his mind to something that is it! I'm very much the same way. Growing up my parents use to call them "projects". For example, if there was a toy I wanted, I would talk and talk about it until I talked my way into getting it, or got in trouble for talking abou it! I can see that in Brit. If he wants to go to the park or if he wants a new train, he will try very hard to get his way.

how do you stay creative at home?
I work full time, so I find inspiration every day when I'm out and about, whether it's from a photo shoot or something I see driving to work. I think creativity is all around us in our everyday life; including work and parenting. However, I do find easy inspirations like many of us do nowadays on PINTEREST! It's such a great, easy way to find new ideas from fashion to home decor to activities to do with your kiddos. 

what is the number one thing you hope to teach your child?
I hope to teach Brit honesty. Not just to others, but to himself as well. I think when you're honest, you will have peace of mind. And in order for him to have that is for me to model it best for him. Not just with my words, but with my lifestyle as well. 

how do you relax after a stressful day?
I love to put on some comfy clothes, slip into my bed and watch a good show. I'm a sucker for reality TV, I feel like I record them all!

please share a story with us about your little one:
Ever since Easter Brit has been obsessed with it! He has played with plastic eggs every day since then, I’m not kidding. His Easter basket and eggs are everyday toys for him. He loves to put random little things in the eggs and pile them all in his basket, and then turn around and take each one out at a time and open them… His reaction to each one is as if he had no idea what was already in there! He’s so cute and funny about it.
He’s also pretty skilled on his iPad and likes to open up YouTube and will request me to literally search “Easter Eggs” and then he will sit watch all these random videos about Easter eggs. He’s literally obsessed with Easter; it's very funny and very random!

ashley, thank you so much for giving us a peek into your life as a mommy to sweet brit. we love having you two in our lives. you are an amazing mom, person + friend. thank you again. xx 

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