packing list: colorado

July 16, 2013

we leave for my favorite place in the world tomorrow. no, it's not some luxurious city in europe, even though lake como is very high on my list of favorite places. my favorite place to be is crested butte, co. we have been going there since i was about four + my parents bought a house there when i was in middle school. 
i love the simple slow pace of life in crested butte. i am in love with the cold of winter + even though its not freezing in the summer, it is the perfect place to escape the heat of texas summer. 
it is + will always be my dream to live in colorado. 

when we go in the summers we spend our days riding bikes, walking around town, hiking, + lunches + dinners out with lots of down time.  i am excited to read a few new books, work on the blog, + write. of course this is all assuming ill be able to do any of this with a three year old wanting to experience colorado. 
i know i am looking forward to a relaxing week, but also can't wait to help nathan discover a love for the outdoors of colorado.

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