saturday: song of the day

June 29, 2013

today we are on day two of our garage sale. 

i hate garage sales.

 setting them up + getting organized early in the morning is beyond miserable. having a garage sale has been put at the bottom of every to do list since september, so i figured it was about time. 

here is a fun little tune by matt + kim to brighten up your saturday. 

Let's Go by Matt & Kim on Grooveshark

if you are in the neighborhood stop by!


  1. I hate garage sales too but I really need to have one!! Hope it is successful for you guys! :)

  2. Ugh, garage sales are so much work! But fun to visit. I'm too lazy so I just schlep stuff out to donation bins everywhere!

  3. oh trust me i definitely thought about calling goodwill to just take everything away for me, but we ended up making a nice chunk of change, so all the hard work was worth it. today is monday and I am still exhausted...garage sale ended saturday.