a letter to brian

June 14, 2013

dear brian/ daddy,

i wish that nathan could write you this letter.
he would say...daddy build me a train track please (without the please most likely). he would say you are my super hero and i am super nate. let's go save mommy! i love you daddy. thank you for everything you do for mommy + me. thank you for working hard, when we know you would rather be home building forts with me.  thank you for setting up all my toys, reading me books, + tucking me in like a burrito every night. you are the best daddy in the world. i love you + love every moment together. 

i love watching you raise our son, i love raising our son together. 
when i first met you, i fell in love with your infectious smile.
you make me the happiest.
you're the only person i can be 100% dorky me around.
you make me laugh until i cry.
you make everything in life so much better. 
you make the stressful days go away.
you still make my heart pound when you grab my hand. 
i love that we found each other.
i love that you picked me + continue to pick me everyday.
i still fall in love with that smile.
i love you baby.

you are a hero to the two of us. we love you.
                               happy father's day.
                                          xx amanda + nathan

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