February 18, 2013

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over the weekend i did some shopping + lots of mindless internet browsing. it was one of those weekends where i sat and spent hours at my desk without even realizing i missed lunch {don't you worry i fed my family} 

today is one of those days as well, but filled with work at my desk. {good thing i love my desk}
getting an editorial calendar planned out + lesson plans done.
i took an alt class on wednesday last week and it was the best one i have taken yet! it was all about editorial calendars + man i didn't realize how important that is! if you missed the class or were as clueless as i was , check out thisthis article by the wonderful teacher that is Chris Gardner!

i am so excited to finally get organized.
stay tuned i will have a very exciting post/ giveaway soon!

what are some things you are loving lately? 

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