kid style: zara edition

February 19, 2013

i am sure you have  all been to zara or at least visited online. + we love it! i do at least!
although it wasn't until recently that i even realized they had a kids line- i know crazy right? have i been living under a rock? nope, just clueless + covered in 2 year olds. 

anyway i was browsing the lookbook + i am obsessed. 
i pulled a few of my favorites for boys and girls, + BOY does it make me want a GIRL. or maybe i just wish they carried these in my size! 

how cute are those models? 
although i think nate would be a better model. (any crazy mother would, right?)

where are your favorite places to buy kids clothes? 
target + gap have always been my go to for everyday wear + peek on special occasions.
i will now be adding zara to my list.

images via zara

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