insta-life lately

February 20, 2013

not a whole lot going on around here the past week. 
we went to the craft store for the pinterest party i went to + nathan begged me for the bracelet making kit + i couldn't turn down an afternoon of crafting with the little

that afternoon turned into the weekend  on going love for jewelry making. 
everyone close to us has received a personalized bracelet.

my lovely valentine sent me two dozen roses at work, getting flowers at work as been a dream (pathetic dream , i know!) in the four years i've asked it has never happened. this year it did and i was more thrilled with the flowers, i could have gotten them anywhere. 


  1. Awww making bracelets, how fun!! And I totally feel ya about getting flowers at work. My parents sent some last year for my birthday, and it was the sweetest! Brought me so much joy :) Glad you got some flowers for V Day!!

    1. thank you amy! the little things always make me the happiest