round-up: iphone cases

February 21, 2013

what is the one tool you always have on hand? 
hint: it's a camera, social media tool, calendar, + game board.

your phone.
as much as we might not want to admit it, we always have our phone on hand. {mine might as well be glued to my left hand...i can do almost everything one handed....sad?}

so if it's the one thing you constantly have with you, investing in a stylish case just makes sense.
here is a round up of some of my favorites.
{make sure to read all the way through...exciting news!}

one // two // three // four // five // six

my favorite ones are number six and number four. 
i love being able to customize a case, which is why paper and thread co  {number four} is so great.

the shop owner erika is a life-long friend + i am so proud of her newest adventure of starting her own business. {maybe even a bit jealous} 
please head over and check out all the amazing designs of iphone cases she has created.

then come back on monday for a giveaway we are both so excited about.

which cases are your favorites for your most useful accessory?

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