four years

February 7, 2013

i love you
i love everything about you.
even the things that drive me crazy.
i love watching you with nate.
i love when you cook.
i love sleeping next to you.
i love how you take care of us.
when you leave us vitamins.
when you surprise us with a night out.
i love how my family loves you.
i love your family.
i love spending sundays together.
trying new places with you.
going to concerts is my favorite.
i love listening to music late night with you.
i love our home we created.
i love laughing with you.
i love how happy you make me.
you are my heart.
you are my soulmate.
i love that you love me.
most of all,
i love going through life together.

happy four years to the man i love.

tonight we are celebrating our 4 year anniversary, going to the same dinner we do every year. i love tradition. so this post is for b. i am so happy to spend my life with him. 

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