a peek into our weekend

February 11, 2013
nathan, hanna, + amanda

liv on the big screen + being a sweet big cousin

the crew of cousins + nathan with brian's dallas cowboys cheerleader cousin katy 
{he will love this picture when he's older}

exploring a little before the party

kiddos lined up and crafting

loving the kids areas at the museum

my favorite salad + a pretty delicious pizza from olivella's

my loves at dinner

even though i am still trying to get over this horrid sinus infection {im talking headache for five days now} we did have a great weekend!

friday night we had game night at our friends house. sorry i have no pictures from that. 

on saturday we went to our niece olivia's cheer competition at cowboys stadium. she did wonderful. + it was a blast getting to hang out with the other little girlies. what wasn't fun was sitting in the parking lot for an hour trying to leave after...that was misery.

sunday we got to go to a birthday party at the perot museum. {it was as cool as i thought it would be}. the kiddos had a blast! nathan especially loved the music area outside and the construction zone inside the under five children's section. we want to go back again with friends soon; we didn't get to explore the actual museum upstairs at all. after our busy day at the museum we went to eat at one of our favorite pizza places around the corner. 

overall an amazing weekend

check back tomorrow for the last installment of the valentines gift guide.  

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