and we're back...

October 11, 2012
hello blog world...oh how i have missed you! yes we got a LOT done, but i have missed my blogger friends + telling you all about my life.  i've also missed photoshop. i might need a refresher course soon...not that i was ever that good at it. 

so without another minute away, here is what we have been up warned its a lot of pictures!
{full update to come, when i feel like writing a novel}

we went to the circus

we went to museums

had some date nights/days

our big boy started preschool!

we had lots of dinners at our favorite restaurant

we moved into our new house!!!!!!

nathan is still as cute as ever {incase you were curious}

we are getting into the halloween spirit

so there you have it. we've been crazy busy, but having a lot of fun! 

tomorrow we are going to the STATE FAIR of TEXAS...if you're not from here you have no idea how exciting this is! riding rides, playing games, + eating anything fried you would ever want.

brian has also promised to get our second annual photo booth strip...keeping tradition alive! 

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