a reintroduction

January 11, 2013
i am writing this post as a way to reintroduce myself + my life (since it has been months since ive really written a post)

i am most proudly....

a mama to a sweet little, a girlfriend to a wonderful mister, + a teacher to amazing kiddos.
my family is loving life + all the little things it contains.

i write for family + friends. a way to document our lives, a way to inspire myself, a way to inspire others. i hope that this is something i will look back on with my kid(s?) when they have their own families + we can laugh + cry + just remember life now. because life now is beautiful! 

i hope you choose to follow or follow again, i promise to keep you entertained. i might have off weeks, im not perfect. in fact i am far from perfect. you will see as i start to tell the story of our life, we are definitely not perfect. but we have love + to me that's what matters most

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