preschool lunch

August 7, 2012
my little is starting preschool in just four short weeks!

im not sad to leave him at school everyday, i'm actually excited. he's been doing the whole day care thing and now he gets to go to school where i work! {at least half the week}

i am sad however that he is getting old enough to start preschool. i feel like he has been looking + acting older everyday. but i assume these are all good things, he's growing, he's embracing  independence, + he's talking up a storm. 

one thing i am really looking forward to is packing lunches for him with love. {ask me in a few months if i am still enjoying this daily task}

now the fun part. picking out that first lunch box + all the goodies that go inside!
{i took nathan to look at lunch boxes the other day and he was not into it at all, so i am on my own}

here are some picks i have been looking at from land of nod, container store, whole foods, + amazon.

what is your lunchtime solution for your little one?

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