a little mexican fiesta

April 17, 2013
as my 26th birthday approaches (the end of this month, incase you want to send me something *ha) i get into an excited planning mode! i have no problem at all throwing my own birthday party- with brian's help of course. i think i was a party/event planner in another life (maybe a new ten year plan for me?) we have been loving having friends over to our new house, so any excuse to throw a party is a-okay with me! 

a party i have been longing to throw, but have never had the chance is a mexican fiesta! i love being able to decorate with bright, bold colors (perfect for spring!) + if queso + margaritas are involved it would be birthday perfection!

my plan so far is to make spicy pulled pork tacos (if you have a great recipe- please share), guacamole, + queso. easy, right? 

for decorations, i want to make bright colored pinwheels + those huge colorful flowers , to tape behind the food table and out back on the fence. the perfect photo backdrop.
i also love the idea of using cans for the flowers, i might have to head to fiesta mart soon and get some cans of tomatos to start cooking with. 

if you are a reader of Luella + June + follow bradley on instagram, you might have seen her engagement party involving a tequila donkey, this was very inspiring! we will definitely have a tequila + margarita bar at the party. a night at home without kids + without having to drive anywhere, you better believe i'll be having a few drinks to welcome my 26th year. 

now it is time to get creating!

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