a movie night

March 11, 2013

at our house movie night is the best night.

in our busy week is a chance to power down all devices {this is hardest for me}, get in our pjs, have snacks for dinner, + snuggle up on the couch. just the three of us...ahhh.

here is a peek at our essentials for the night.

last night we watched Wreck-It Ralph...we really liked it! 
what are your movie night essentials?

we have been potty training at home these past 3 days using this method + it is going so well!  i couldn't be more proud of my big boy! third day and we were able to leave the house for two hours with NO accidents! {knock on wood} but i think this is going to be less of a stress than i thought it would be. 

more on potty-training later...hopefully i wont be eating my words. 

*fingers crossed*


  1. I am so glad potty training is going well! That's great :) And I have pretty similar movie night essentials...except my movies are usually at least PG-13. {but not by choice, my husband doesn't like watching kid movies when we don't have kids. I, on the other hand, love to watch kid movies}.

    1. Andrea! i love that we get to watch all the new kids movies without judgement. starting next week we are going to try to watch all the disney movies again. we already sing the songs around the house, so its time to introduce them to nathan!