monday: something

January 14, 2013
with this "monday: something" i would love to show you a little glimpse into my job [its hard to even call it that, i love being there everyday!] + share a little DIY for you and the kiddos to do together.

this past week, our theme at school was art, which if you know me at all, you would know that is by far my favorite theme of the year!
i love to introduce these young minds [i have 2 classes ages 2-4] to well-known artists + different methods of art. we did a lot of painting [one project with some unconventional paint "brushes"], we made a class mural [still a work in progress] + set up a pasta creation station.

i am pretty positive that i ignited some sparks of creativity.

as you can see we had a lot of fun this week.

now i would like to share with you the easiest  DIY ever: colored pasta

what you need:
pasta [of varying types]
rubbing alcohol
food coloring
ziplock bags
cookie sheets

1. divide the pasta amoung several [depending on how many different colors] bags
2. add 1-2 tsp of alcohol; close + scrunch
3. add generous amount of food coloring; close + scrunch
4. spread out on wax coloring cookie sheets
5. dry over night

now go have fun with your kiddos,  get some string and glue and start creating!

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