June 9, 2012
so these pictures might be really confusing/ uninteresting to any readers, but to me it is so so exciting and this is my blog so I'm gonna post them...

i will do them in the same order as the originals so that it might make a little bit more sense.

i don't have a new picture of the front, but they widened this wall around the tree so that that ivy with spread out. we also removed bushes and the vines that were randomly in the front by the driveway to widen the drive way. 

the formal living room and dining area are staying the same so no more pictures of those.

in the living room there was an akward long closet that you couldn't really use all of so we are turning it into 2 closets one regular coat closet/brian's golf clubs room and the other closed in shelves {great for toy storage}

view of open closet and french doors into formal living area

these are our new closets! so exciting to see walls up so quickly!

gutted kitchen {the ugly back door will be gone as well}

                                                                                                                                             to the right of this beam behind those cabinets will be a wall to the left an open bar. 

those shelves will have a door and become our pantry.

our wall on the left is up! so now you are looking at open doorway and bar

i was very excited about this to pantry will be the fridge

we've taken space from nathan's closet to give us a walk in closet!


master bath, just our shower's frame is up

hallway bath gutted

hallway bathtub put in

okay okay so i know its boring, not my normal post with color and fun, but i will be back again later with some inspiration boards for how i want to decorate {if money were no object of course}

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