a look at our weekend...

January 16, 2012
sadly our weekend has drawn to an end...it was full of fun while it lasted though. We stayed at home all weekend which was exactly what we needed, just lots family time outside in the beautiful weather we had.
something very exciting happened this weekend as well....drum roll please...our baby learned how to kick and "dribble" a soccer ball!!!! some might not be so excited by something like this, but for a family that loves soccer, especially daddy, who played in college (i quit after high school) it is an amazing new skill!  

look at those skills

and the determination

that is one proud daddy

well back to work tomorrow and i couldn't be happier, i have a new student tomorrow and can't wait to see what he will be like. i hope everyone had a great weekend, we truly did. eating sushi tonight and i am so delighted. 

love, amanda

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