bubble painting

January 17, 2012
after my day at work i am as happy as can be! we celebrated my promotion into lead teacher!!!! i have been having such a blast with everyone i work with and setting up my new classroom.

so today i am in school mode and wanted to share a fun and easy art project for kids:
i have yet to meet a child under the age of 6 who doesn't love bubbles, lets face it i have yet to meet any kid who doesn't love bubbles, i mean i love bubbles still!

lets begin: 

first get your materials together, you need any generic dish soap, kids bubbles+wands, and food coloring.

next, you need to pour bubbles into a cup and add a couple squirts of dish soap, then get creative and make some fun colors using the food coloring and mix it up.

once you've mixed up all the colors you can think of, get your paper and wands and start blowing bubbles onto your paper, get crazy with it and blow bubbles onto other peoples papers (that was a huge hit in our classroom).

see easy as can be! and you end up with some pretty great "paintings" we saved some to use as wrapping paper for birthdays and such at school.

now get to blowing bubbles and remember to have fun!!!

i'd love to see any creations you make using bubble painting.


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