camping list

July 24, 2013

one // a first aid kit is always good to have when you're out in the wild, you never know what rock you'll slip on or what animal bites you might encounter, this kit is great because its got enough supplies for multiple families or for those longer adventures two // how adorable is this sleeping bag? not sure if its really warm or practical, but if you are glamping you want to sleep in style three // you will need a good sturdy backpack to carry all this supplies. this is from one of my favorite brands of camping gear. follow poler on instagram to inspire yourself to go camping four // if you plan on eating while you camp you are going to need some pots, pans, + bowls. this is such a great compact set five // okay so pretty much everyone's biggest hesitation with camping is the lack of cleanliness. to me thats all part of it, but for those of you who need to shower everyday this is perfect for you! it holds 5 gal. of water + is in a bag that gets heated by the sun. hot shower while camping...sounds like you have no excuse not to go six // you're going to need a fire or stove of some sort + if you are not an eagle scout, a roaring fire might be hard to start on your own. in comes the biolite. you won't need to carry any propane with this guy, all you need to start a fire are a few twigs from your day hike. worried about electricity on the trip...don't, the biolite also charges all your devices. luxury camping at its finest. seven // set up this hammock and enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. eight // a comfy place for the little to sleep nine // you will most definitely need something to light your night. this lantern should do the trick. ten // i love old school camping gear, this canteen reminds me of what we carried around while camping with my family. i am pretty sure my dad still have several of these. i love the authentic charm. eleven // if you are camping somewhere wet or cold you are going to want a good pair of sturdy boots to take with you. these have been on my wish list for quite some time now. warm, waterproof, sturdy, + fashionable. the perfect outdoors boot.

what are your camping essentials?

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