five little things i love

January 25, 2013
here is a look at five little things i've been loving lately...

one // i now know what i can do with all the extra toilet paper rolls ive been hoarding for school. i love the idea of this easy desk organizer. you can add any fun paper or just paint a shoe box... so simple + not to mention CHEAP. now i just need to pick out the perfect paper. my art supplies will be happy to move out of the "junk" drawer + be seen everyday. two // with the super bowl + mardi gras around the corner, i have nola on the brain! {i want to go back soon} i love shrimp. even though it is one of my scarier things to cook, but i am willing to give it another go with this recipe. anything with beer + worcestershire in the sauce...i am in! i will make sure to do a recipe post when i make it. {lets hope for no disaster} three // i surround myself with quotes, either on my walls, in my car, on the mirror, or on post-its around the house. {im sure b loves it when he can't see in the mirror bc i've written out a quote to inspire} i came across this quote on pinterest a while back + it really has me thinking about achieving goals. i think when we have a large life goal in mind, i for one tend to name all the obstacles in the way. when thats just it, i am the obstacle for naming other obstacles. we have to allow ourselves to try + conquer things, not quit before trying. four // i have had tattoos on my mind lately. i am helping a friend design her first tattoo + it has me itching to get a new one. i have three. one for myself, one for an old friend, + one for my little {matching to b's}. i don't want my body covered in them, but i do want one for my family. thats why i love this one with three simple arrow shapes. just a set of three. like us. okay that's it, i know what i want for valentine's day. five // i have a giftcard to free people from christmas. unfortunately not large enough for this ring, but it is beautiful. i try to look everyday for inspiration from free people. i am obsessed. most of my clothes come from there or are inspired by the clothes + look books. if only i was a 6'2" model with a fat wallet. 

i hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.

check back tomorrow for the song of the day. 

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