five little things i love

August 17, 2012
here are five little things i've been coveting lately...

one // how delicious does this drink look? its a "faux-ito," just one of eleven skinny cocktails on shape online, great to know going into the weekend. we will definitely be purchasing these ingredients on our way down to austin this weekend. two // this has quickly become one of my favorite quotes for multiple reasons. one being that i have always been a night owl, {just ask my parents...haha love you} another reason is that we are thinking of giving nathan's new room a little bit of a space theme {nothing over the top} so i might be recreating this quote to hang in his new room some how. three // i don't think i need much of an explanation for these beautiful earrings...they speak for themselves. i lust after them + with a $20,000 price tag thats all i will be doing is lusting. four // maybe its my need for fall weather, but all i can think about is chunky sweaters lately. i love this big bohemian style sweater. i need cold weather...i am dying in this texas heat. five // anything to do with art + the juxtaposition of wonderful colors + i'm loving it. these adirondack alcohol inks are exactly what i'm talking about. 

we are heading to austin today for a wedding + our little nieces 2nd birthday!
 i am so excited to have a weekend with family.

what are your weekend plans? 
i hope something fun, summer is almost over. 

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