insta-life lately

July 25, 2012
our life lately via instagram

exciting things that have been going on in our life...we went to lunch with gramps / we checked out "the taste of dallas festival" / lots of sleeping in the car {due to a lack of naps} / brian got a new tattoo!!! {i love it, a poppy, my favorite flower} / i babysat one of my favorite students and her brother {who is in my class next year} / i made a delicious meal / bring your stuffed animal to school + nathan took his biggest one


  1. Found your blog through Casey's Link Up and am sooo glad I did! Following along here and will probably be stalking you via instagram in like 2 seconds =)

  2. ah megan you are too sweet! its my first time linking up, i was going to wait for my blog redesign, but just couldn't wait. Im glad i got one new follower and response from doing so. a success in my book!