everything will be fine

March 21, 2012
today is a sad post for me...

i just got home from a funeral for a dear friend i grew up with. . sarah gwin montgomery.

sarah's sister, lacy and my sister, allison became fast friends which meant sarah and i were at the same school events and birthday parties as tag-a-longs. my mom was just telling me yesterday, that whenever sarah was around she was always so sweet when we were little and it always continued that way. she was a great friend to everyone, she was kind, and she genuinely cared, which to me is hard to come by these days. we lost a great soul thursday, march 15th. the service was beautiful, filled with tears, laughter, and everyone who loves sarah and her family. there were hundreds of people there, not an empty seat in the church that wasn't touched by this loss. we will always miss you sarah. 

i have not been handling this well, i think i'm mostly sad for lacy. i know if i lost my sister, my life would stop. i know lacy feels our love and is hopefully lifted up by that. she is a strong woman, she will be okay... eventually.

. all my love goes to the montgomery family .


  1. So sad, so young, we went to school together, how did this happen?

  2. she had hepatitis, thanks for finding my blog. it is tragic. she will always be missed