to the men in my life

June 16, 2012
happy father's day.

to the man who raised me...i can't even begin to express my gratitude to you dad. you are an amazing, hard working, loving man. you help without question and go above and beyond what you are asked of. i don't know where i would be in this world if it wasn't for you. i love every moment we have together, be it going to lunch, spending the holidays together, or even running errands. you have been and always will be my hero. i can only hope that nathan gets even just a smidgen of your determination in life. thank you for being an incredible dad and pops.
i love you.

to the love of my life...the second we met, we were inseparable. i thought i had it all, in fact i was convinced that i did. you were perfect, we felt like a whole. until two years ago when we had nathan and i realized there had been a huge hole in our family and our hearts. you have been an amazing father since day one. i know we are still learning and face challenges and new temper tantrums every day, but your calm and ease with nathan has been the best support system for me. you keep me grounded and steady. my favorite time together is watching you play with nate and be the incredible dad that you are. i couldn't do any of this without you and i look forward to sharing the rest of our lives together. you have seriously blown me away with your parenting. nathan is the luckiest little boy to have you as a daddy. i love you more and more everyday. you are my soul.


  1. I love you and love this post. Lots of years, lots of times, lots of experiences. Thanks for being there and being your best.

  2. i love you dad! happy father's day