summer DIY x2

June 12, 2012
while i am in recovery from getting my pesky little {actually inflamed} tonsils out, i have prepared a DIY/ tutorial that i completed a week ago.

i saw both of these on pinterest  forever ago + finally decided to do them last week. i love them! i wear this necklace all the time with my basics. + my flower pots (which i blogged about here) are such a joy to look at everyday.

lets start with the flower pots:

{what you need} three terra-cotta pots (or however many you want to do...i'll be doing more!), terra-cotta base dishes, succulents (or flowers), + acrylic paint (i prefer martha stewart's line)

{step one} paint the bottom-half of your pots white + paint the base white as well

{step two} paint the top half of the pots in three different colors (i chose aqua, lavender, and yellow)

 i suggest using a painter's tape, once the bottom half dries so that you end up with a crisp straight line.

{step three} plant your succulents, water, + enjoy

now for the necklace:

{what you need} ten wooden beads, acrylic paint (i used some of the same colors i used for the flower pots), + gold string or chain. 

{step one} paint the beads. i painted every two beads the same color + only painted half of the bead.

{step two} string the beads + tie thread. i placed each same colored bead facing each other. 

i love my necklace! it is such a fun + easy process. i plan on making more beads in different patterns. maybe polka-dots.

now everyone go out and DIY. these were
 seriously so much fun + so easy

i'll be back with more tutorials soon

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